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Photo of the Month:

The Original AfroSquad
Our finest hood rats searched deep in the vault (so deep it put their asses to sleep) to find this picture.  After digging through piles and piles of historic erotica, used lottery tickets, and naked pictures of Bea Arthur, we found original "unedited" pictures of the original AfroSquad twins:  Abraham J. SnowMan III and Joe C. KrazyMan Esq. 

T-Shirt of the Month:
Christina Lucci
"Not Everything is Flat in Florida"

New York Daily News

Looks like Dr. Phil needs to catch up on his adult videos.

The TV advice jockey was scammed by Crystal and Jocelyn Potter who appeared on his May 2 show.

Dr. Phil's Web site summarized their segment as: "Jocelyn makes a good living as a computer programmer, but her twin sister wants to work together in the sex industry. Can Jocelyn stand up to the pressure?"

Yeah, well, Jocelyn didn't seem too worried about it last year, when they made "Finally Legal 5" together in 2002.

Jocelyn said on the air: "[Crystal] has said to me numerous times, 'Think of all the money we could make as a team working in a legal brothel.'"

Then Dr. Phil produced Dennis Hof, who owns the legendary Nevada cathouse the Bunny Ranch. Billed as a "potential employer," Hof estimated the girls could pull in half a mil a year if they came to work for him.

But given that the twins filmed &#@-fest "Goin' Down at the Bunny Ranch" in 2003, one guesses they might already know each other.

Indeed, Hof told me by phone, "I'm dating them."


Fellow NinjaPimps
      No you are not seeing double, but this issue is totally devoted to twins!  In an exciting turn of events, we have our biggest interview to date.  The Potter Twins sat down with one of our editors and discussed everything from how they tricked Dr. Phil to how Crystal can stick her own fist in her mouth!  I must admit that these are two of the hottest, sweetest, intelligent women I have met in a long time. 
     We cover Cali Marie and Cherish, the most popular interviewees in NinjaPimp history.  We profile the Taylor Twins, who also agreed to be in a future NinjaPimp interview, and we even cover the Ninja Twins... two bad brothers from Siam. 

                                        "Double-Mint" Al Jones
                                        Doubling Your Pleasure

The Potter Twins 
NinjaPimp's Exclusive Interview!
Crystal and Jocelyn Potter, Which one is Hotter?

I tried doing research about you two on the net, but I kept finding information about the Olsen Twins or Harry Potter.  What is a good online source for Potter Twin information?

Crystal: Have you tried searching “”? Just kidding…I’ll let Jocelyn answer this one since she knows more about searching the web than I do.

Jocelyn: Oh my god, this is going to sound like I’m trying to plug our site but is by far the best place to keep up with what we are doing.

I did read that you are from Texas.  Does that mean that you like Bush?

Crystal: The only politics I know about is “The Politics of Dancing”…….

I meant the beaver not the president, but speaking of Bush, maybe you could do a video with the Bush twins.  Would you be up for something like that?

The name alone, “Bush”, sounds creepy, we’d pass on that offer.

I also read that the two of you are doing all sorts of projects.  Bare Wench 5, Dr. Phil,, Hustler video, and you are even divas of radio.  What has been your favorite project so far?

All projects we have done, so far, are equally considered our favorite because of their diversity.  Each project is a new experience, thus giving us an opportunity to learn.

Is there any chance we'll see you in a reality series?

Our day to day life is it’s own reality show…only thing missing is someone who can keep up with our fast-paced life and get it all on tape. Now that is a true reality show!

If you were on Fear Factor, what would be your biggest fears?

Crystal: Joe Rogan……….just kidding! I plead the 5th on this question.

Jocelyn: Crystal pleading the 5th……

Is there anything gross that you wouldn't eat?

Marmite!  Marmite is a product from the U.K. which was introduced through our best-friend, ‘Momma Kerri’, who loves it. Marmite is a savory spread made from spent brewer’s yeast.  Marmite’s infamous tag line is, “You Either Love It or Hate It”, and that is no joke! 

Ok, I am dying to ask this question.  I read a New York News article that said you tricked Dr. Phil.  Would you like to comment on that?

Jocelyn: Oh shoot the phone is ringing…could you please hold that thought…we’ll be right back….

Crystal: Do I smell smoke? I think I left the stove on, better check to make sure it’s off. Be back in just a second……

Do you prefer to do videos together?  Do you foresee solo careers in the future? 

If you put us together, we might be able to complete a thought or sentence. We bounce off one another, and it would be a horrific video if it included one without the other.   

Crystal, I hear you can stick a fist in your mouth... how did you realize you had such a talent?

I wish I could remember how that one came about, but unfortunately I can’t recall the first instance of me doing this “talent”.

I also read that you two have had some wild party years.  Can you each tell the male readers one sexy story from your past?  

I can’t kiss and tell about my past involvements, but one did consist of 8 straight ‘non-stop’ hours…

Was there a lot of drugs involved during those party years?

Crystal: “Enough to ask myself the next day ‘Where the hell am I? How did I get here, and who is this person I’m next to?’”

Now on to your nudity.  How comfortable are you being naked with each other?  

About as comfortable as two sisters can be.

Do a lot of guys try to hit on you in hopes of having a 3-some?  Does it ever work? 

We try not to think that a guy is hitting on us in hopes of a 3-some. We each have our own taste in men, and thus, a 3-some has never nor will ever happen. 

Well, there goes my dreams.  Ok, now some easier questions.  What projects are you currently working on?

Jocelyn : We’re talking to someone right now about the possibility of doing a comic book based on us! It’ll be exactly as we are…..very sexy and extremely funny! We’ve seen some of the rough sketches and they look absolutely fantastic!

What can members expect to see on your site?

Lots and lots of us!

What won't they see on your site?

Anything for free… 

You are identical "mirror" twins right?  What does that mean?

Crystal: “This means that our features…”

Jocelyn: “are opposite one another, even though…”

Crystal: “they are actually the same. For..”

Jocelyn: “example, Crystal is right handed, while…”

Crystal: “Jocelyn is left handed. My face…”

Jocelyn: “is more oval than mine which…”

Crystal: “is much rounder. And so…”

Jocelyn: “on and so on…..

I get it.  Next up, what are your measurements? 

Big breasts, tiny waist, and curves that can make grown men weep!  

I am weeping.  Also, how can fans tell you apart?

Jocelyn: “The very first thing that gives us away is our personalities. We’re so opposite that once you get to know us you can tell right away which one is which. But if you’ve never met us then the one physical attribute that gives us away would have to be our tattoos. I’ve got the Paul McCartney and Wings logo on my right wrist.”

Crystal: “And on my right wrist I’ve got Robert Plant’s Zoso symbol, and on my left wrist I’ve got “P” which stands for Pink Floyd.

Rockers, huh  that's totally cool.  Well, I guess I have taken enough of your time.  Do you have any questions for me?  Do you have anything to say to your fans? 

The more the merrier and the postman always rings twice!

Thanks again for the interview.  We hope to talk with you again soon!

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Twins inseparable even when totally flipping out
by "Double" Joe

The Ninja Twins aren't really Siamese twins.  They only seem inseparable.

"We're not that much different," Ninja Twin #2 said of his fraternal twin brother Ninja Twin #1. "He likes to play guitar while I flip out."

They also share a passion for martial arts and being a ninja.

The Ninja Twins have both been named to the men's team which will represent Tee Kwon Do Plus at the All-American Street Fight in Japan.

"When we were younger we'd kick ass in the summer and be a ninja in the winter, " explained Ninja Twin #1. "We also liked”

"Now it's pretty much just all flipping out and being a ninja."

"We've always been on the same team," continued Ninja Twin #1. "Sometimes we both just kick our Mom in the head simultaneously, without even looking up.  That is totally sweet!"

Real Cancun Twin: Roxanne Frilot
Tammy "Fae" Masterson

"The Real Cancun" cost a couple of its co-stars, twins Nicole and Roxanne Frilot, 20-year-old junior soccer players at Texas Tech, to lose their  scholarships because, the university said they missed school while promoting the movie.

Tom North, of the Ohio Journal, describes the scene this way: "In the film, Nicole and Roxanne stripped off their shirts and grinded each other."

The girls returned to school at the start of the fall semester. Without scholarships. And not as soccer players.

When the movie came out, Roxanne told Time, "I'd rather be known for this instead of being smart or something. There's a million people who are smart. There's only 16 of us who were in Cancun together."

But in December, she said, "Nicole and I regret the movie more than anything we've ever done."

Dubba Dubba's Favorite Food
Lawrence "Deuce"

Twins from all over Birmingham, AL agree that the Superior Grill on Highway 280 is the place to eat.  In fact, the Warner Brothers' WTTO 21 spokestwins the "Dubba Dubbas" Shelly and Jennifer are regulars at the restaurant.    

     “Shelly and I agree that Superior Grill is our favorite place to eat here in Birmingham,” says Jennifer, who's got married and had her rehearsal dinner at the popular Tex-Mex restaurant.

      “We eat there at least once a week. It's like an every Tuesday thing, with our parents and family. Sometimes we go back with our friends (on Thursday).”

       Can the Dubbas eat in peace without strangers accosting them? Shelly says the Superior Grill crowd is cool about it. “Usually it's the kids who notice you first off,” she says. “They're like, 'Ooh, they're from Hollywood!”

       "I saw one of them eating there a while back," said NinjaPimp editor Mike Anglebush.  "She was in a group of about ten, and her Mom was there too.  What a MILF." 


Taylor Twins Interview:

Hi there! We're Missy and Mandee Taylor, identical twin sisters! Taking pictures together and internet modeling like this is so new and exciting to us! We've always wanted to do something together and show off the fact that we're twins, since twins are kind of rare, right? We can already tell it's going to be a lot of fun! 


To read the Taylor Twins exclusive NinjaPimp interview, click here

All images, video, and logos © phil-flash media 2005 

Afro-Squad Episode Zero
by "Hardcore" Harry Beaver


NinjaPimp Online, with the direct coordination of the Afro-Squad, have put together the most fantastic video of all time. 


Donna and Shannon
by Dick Monroe

     Ever wonder what happened to those cool kids that you went to school with?  Well so do we.  We haven't seen twins Donna and Shannon Douglas since Lincoln Elementary School.

        At the time, they were wicked cool.  Both were huge Check Norris fans, and they had dreams of becoming professional karate experts.  If memory recalls correctly, these twins are easily recognizable in the fact that one always wears blue or purple and the other always wears pink. 

    "I like to burn stuff" exclaimed classmate Teddy Mann when asked if he knows the whereabouts of the sisters. 

       "I ate their chalk,"  explains classmate Tom Higdon.  "Then they tried all this karate on my nads.  I was totally pissed!"  

        If you know how to contact the twins, or if you are the twins themselves, shoot us an e-mail at