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Fan Submission
Megatron the Pimp

Special thanks to Keith S. for this fantastic fan pic! 

Quote of the Month: HOT BABE VICKY

I love ur guys 20 inch weiners!"
Victoria; fan
See our huge weiners  

Katie and Kelly

Thanks for the help!  Last month, we asked you "who are these hotties?"  You replied.  They are adult film stats Katie and Kelly Cameron.  (AKA The Simpson Twins) 
E-mail us if you have questions you'd like answered about them!

Ms. AfroSquad is looking for a lady to be Ms. AfroSquad.  What we'd need from you is 10 to 15 digital pictures for exclusive use on our page. 
     They'd have to be non-nude, and they'd have to include either fan signs, some sort of fun colorful clothes, or some sort of 'fro or 70s wig. 
      Previous modeling experience is not needed.  These can be amateur photos. 
      In trade, we'd give you your own exclusive gallery, links to your site, and all sorts of free publicity.
      Lately, we've been getting about 800 unique visitors a day, and a total of about 1600 reloads a day.  We have over 1,000,000 visitors since our inception.  If you are interested, e-mail us now!

Rosenblum Twins Exclusive Interview

Click the picture above and read our interview with another hot set!


   AfroSquad History

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Colt Cabana History
by Wikipedia

Cabana was trained by Ace Steel and Kevin Quinn. He broke into Ring of Honor as CM Punk's stablemate in the Second City Saints after turning on Raven. Cabana and Punk would later go on to hold the ROH Tag Titles. With Punk becoming a Singles superstar, Cabana would go on to have feuds with Nigel McGuinness and Austin Aries. On August 13, 2005 Cabana defeated Punk in a two out of three falls match in their hometown of Chicago in Punk's last ROH match.

Cabana had a very violent feud with Homicide in Ring of Honor, which featured Cabana being strangled with a metal coat hanger, bleeding from numerous chair shots, having Draino poured down his throat, being piledriven off the ring apron through a table, and getting his head crushed between a ladder. On April 1, 2006 in Chicago, Colt Cabana finally got his revenge and earned the respect of Homicide after a brutal Chicago street fight which saw the feud settled with a handshake and an embrace.

After his decisive victory against Homicide, Colt Cabana challenged the ROH World champion Bryan Danielson for the ROH title on April 22, 2006 in Philadelphia. Danielson defeated him and retained the title. Cabana had a rematch against Danielson for the title on August 26, 2006 in Chicago. The two fought to a 60-minute time limit draw in a two out of three falls match, each wrestler earning one fall.

Cabana has also worked a number of tryout matches in WWE on its HEAT and Velocity shows. Cabana also wrestled on the April 10, 2006 episode of "RAW", under the name Chris Guy in a match against Umaga. Chris Guy is the real name of Ace Steel, who performed for WWE in 2004 under the name Scott Colton, Cabana's real name. In addition, Cabana was a pallbearer for The Undertaker 's Casket Match at WrestleMania 22.


Slim Gangstas and Meaty Mommas,
     Welcome to the latest and greatest issue of NinjaPimp online!  There were some huge happenings this month.  Huge, like KrazyMan and $nowMan's Weiners!  First, we offer you the first public interview with gymnastic sensation and adult film superstar Cory Heart!  I am sure you can't wait to read our probing questions!
      Second, we were able to pull off a major coup by getting the hilarious and talented Colt Cabana in for an interview.  Colt is one of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top 100 wrestlers in the country!  He's a cult legend, and he will be a household name very soon. 
      Third, we interview adult film's Simpson Twins.  This makes it official.  We've interviewed EVERY set of active adult twins in the business today.  Shana and Shiana Simpson (AKA Kelly and Katie Cameron) tell us their dirtiest little secrets in an exclusive interview!
     Finally, we offer exclusive new AfroSquad content in the form of a new AfroSquad movie trailer and a new AfroSquad story and picture!  Check it out!  This is fantastic!
                                             The $nowMan
                                             Founder, AfroSquad

             Exclusive Simpson Twins Interview!
              By The Red Ninja   -  Shana Simpson (AKA Kelly Cameron)

So are you ready for some frank and candid questions about you and your sister?

Hell yeah!

I have only seen you in one video. Have you done a lot of adult modeling and video? We did only like four videos, but were coming back out for more!!

Great!  When did you and your sister first get into the adult industry? Did you get in as a pair?  In September of last year, and yeah we did break out as a pair.

Is it easier to work with your sister? I know some twins find a sense of security when they work with a relative.  I love workin' with my twin!  She's my best friend!

Do you have any limits on what you will and what you won't do in a scene with you sister?  Yeah. I do.

Were you and your sister close from a very young age?  Hell yeah!  We always been attached to the hip. lol  

Not literally, I hope.  Did you always have separate clothes, or did you mix and match as kids?
We mix clothes, always... We still share clothes.

Have you ever heard of Cali and Cherish or the Taylor twins? If so, what do you think of them?  Yeah I did a couple scenes with them on my website.  They are awesome twins.  I love them as my own sisters.

I've seen the videos.  You do mean literally.  What is the craziest or most interesting thing you have ever done in front of a camera? Me and my twin beat the sh!t outta some guy.  It was our scene.  He got aroused by getting punched and kicked in the balls and (Gigantic Weiner!)

Have you rceived a lot of weird requests from guys? If so, what are they?  Yeah we have.  Like one was if we ever @!E each other (&$.  Ewww, gross!

Do you have a large fan base? Some what.  A lot of people are startin' to know us more!  Our fan base is growing though... because we are coming back!

Do you have any products, projects, or websites that you would like to promote?  No.  Not yet!  We will soon though.

What can NinjaPimp do to help you out in the future? Be there to support us and protect us from haters.

We f'n hate haters!  Would you ever do any photo shoots with any other members of your family?
My older sister would be fun.

What is something that people don't know about you?  ummm

Have you ever worked as a stripper or dancer? Yes, I have.  Twice. has had over 1,000,000 visitors since our inception. Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans? I love them and thanks for there support. 

You seem to be a very sweet girl. What is a nice thing that you did for somebody? I helped out older people when I first turned 18-20.  I was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

What is a mean thing that you did in the past? I am sure you have a naughty side. I beat some girl up for talkin' sh!t on my mom

Do you get any haters or jerks on your Myspace page? Can you tell us about them?
Yeah, I do!  I just ignore them and just forget bout them.   They are just mad because they are not sexy, and they don't have a twin.  :)

Well thanks for the interview!  Thanks a lot Red Ninja.  That was fun!  I really enjoy the adult industry look for me more I'm coming out! Check out my new movie:  POV Fantasy 6 , that was a fun movie!

We will, take care!

        KrazyMan Vs NinjaPImp, Exclusive Trailer
                                            adapted from

You have to hand it to those AfroSquad guys - KrazyMan, $nowMan, NinjaPimp and the rest - they are fresher than a Sophmore on Prom Night!

Of course, they proved their masochistic endurance beyond all doubt a long time ago, making AfroSquad: Alpha an exercise in overkill - some of it funny, some of it unspeakably funky, all of it chaotic. Apparently, pimping never gets old.

The sequel is a dizzying succession of fighting, SNL-like sketches, and, that old crowd-pleaser, the boys actively courting their own grievous harm. This is what you get when a generation grows up watching far too many "Southpark" cartoons while sitting on the couch eating bowl after bowl of Bitch Smax.

If KrazyMan Vs NinjaPImp had a subtitle, it would be "Pimps and Ninja." Both "species" figure prominently in this film, from the KarzyMan-comes-to-the-suburbs opening to the surprising nuclear ending. In one typically perilous interlude, Krazyman proves that if this funky showbiz thing doesn't work out, he could always pursue a career as a pit fighter.

The film carries the standard warning that viewers should not attempt any of the stunts they are about to see. Maybe it's time to do away with the advisory and let natural selection take over. After all, we really need to get anyone who is tempted to fight a NinjaPimp out of the gene pool.

               Wrestling Superstar Colt Cabana
                Exclusive Wrestler Interview - by KrazyMan

Colt, how are you doing today?
I feel bloated and hyper.

First, I want to say thanks for doing this interview. recently had its 1 millionth visitor, so hopefully a lot of people will read this. What is the largest crowd that you have performed in front of?
I wrestled I believe in front of 18,000 plus people in a sold out AllState Arena the night after WrestleMania 22 in Chicago, IL.

Can you give everyone a basic biography about yourself?
Right on. I'm a pro wrestler. My name is Colt Cabana. It's my real name...No, No it's not. But it should be and I'm thinking about legally changing it to Colt Cabana or Dr. Von Hugeballs.

I read that you were sponsored by a Mixed Martial Arts group. Is that right? What is your relation with them?
I'm actually sponsored by They have nothing to do with MMA. BUT...if you wanna be rich by using a sports system, go to

This interview will appear in our Halloween issue. Have you ever wrestled under any disguises? If so, what?
I once wrestled as a giant Twinkie. No joke. It was for a show called Totally Tool Wrestling. So I was Twinkie the kid. Coincidentally, I dressed up as a Twinkie that year for Halloween and I've never been asked so many questions about my cream filling. It was an easy year to score that Halloween!

We once interviewed Shark Boy. He has a great gimmick. What other wrestling characters have you seen?
I've seen one kid wrestle as "THE GAMEBOY". He had the glove from the movie the Wizard and everything. Too bad he looked like the first kid ever to get Nintendo. He wasn't too tough.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, do you have any plans for this Halloween?
Yes. I plan on going out in Chicago. I also plan on putting one of my arms inside my Tshirt and being the drummer from Def Lepard.

Who is the baddest dude, other than yourself, that you have faced in the ring?
I once wrestled this guy named Bull Pain. He was like 40 and just mean looking. Total kickass biker dude.

Which wrestler would you hate to face in a bar fight?
I bet American Dragon would throw made ninja moves in a bar fight. He doesn't look intimidating, but when all you do is train and watch wrestling, I wouldn't want to mess with you in ANY fight.

A lot of wrestling is focused on the 18 to 25 demographic. Do you think there is room for a wrestling show that appeals to kids? Kind of like the WWF in the 80s? If so, who should be on that show?
Definitely. I was actually working on putting a pilot together for that same concept. Then I got too lazy and forgot about it. I think guys like El Generico, Sharkboy and Delerious would be great. Masked fighters. Also, obviously me, because I need the money and fame. But characters would be great. Wrestling needs more characters. Guys like Prince Nana and Navajo Warrior would be great for a show like that.

What do you consider are your career highlights?
I have so many. I performed my Ninja duties by wrestling in Japan on two tours. I've also traveled the world as a pro wrestler (much like a ninja). Other highlights are sharing locker rooms with wrestlers I've admired growing up.

What injuries have you faced?
Two separated shoulders. Two broken fingers. Torn quadricep muscle. Broken nose. Concussions. Lacerations and other technical words that I couldn't understand or repeat.

What promoters do you like to work with?
I love wrestling for ROH and working w/ Cary Silken and Gabe Sapalsky. I also enjoy wrestling for promoters Steve Gauntley, Alex Shane and Brian Dixon over in the United Kingdom. Also, I love promoters that pay on time and provide half naked women for you!

Is there anyone you don't like to work with?
Promoters that don't pay on time and don't provide half naked women!!!!

So what is it like working in Japan?

Man. I was like Beverly Hills Ninja over there, except I'm from Chicago and I couldn't do Farley justice. It was a great experience. The people were nice, but the food sucked! I look forward to going back more and more!

Do you think your body will be able to keep up this pace for another 5 to 10 years?
HAHA. Have you seen the way I wrestle. I could do this for 60 more years...and I plan on it.

I've watched a lot of European wrestling. What is it like to work over there?
Its the same everywhere except how the people talk. They talk all proper over in Europe. For me, everywhere people want to laugh and be entertained. So that's what I give them. It's universal.

Do you have any friends on the European scene?
I have friends all over the map. Johnny Storm is the greatest European diplomat the game has though!

Do you enjoy doing live interviews in front of the camera?

It's a piece of cake man. For me it comes natural. I love talking and hearing myself talk, so it works out well.

This month we are also interviewing the Simpson twins. They are a pair of adult superstars. Are you familiar with their work? Is there anything you would like us to ask them?
Ashley and Lisa? I love both of them. Please tell them I would love to do some cross over work and if they're ever in Chicago to CALLLLLLLLL ME!

We also interviewed April Hunter. What do you think of her? I know I wouldn't want to fight her.
She's seems cool. I wouldn't want to fight her either.

Well, is there anything you would like to say to our fans?
Please support me at and and go to

Well, thanks for the entertaining interview. 
Thanks for takin' the time to learn about me, cheers!

Well, thanks for you time. Good luck in the ring!

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Cory Heart Exclusive Interview:
Gymnast, Adult Star, Babe, Student Athlete
Conducted by the $nowMan

cory heartHi Cory, how are you doing tonight?
Doing pretty good! Studying my a$$ off and really tired, but good!

So can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well…………I am an internet p0rn sensation!!!! LOL j/k Actually I am just a girl from Utah, good family, athletic background, good student, pretty normal life outside of what I do online.  Never thought my life would take the turns it has, but I am making the best of it.

What do you think of our movie trailer?
LOL It was cute! Is that you with the afro wig??

That's all natural.  So what level did you compete at in gymnastics?

Ok I will give NINJAPIMP an exclusive that I have never talked about before. I started gymnastics when I was 4 and competed will I was 16 going as far as State competition. I stopped competing when I was a junior in high school because gymnastics had lead me to cheer squad and I had a better chance of getting into college with cheer than I did with gymnastics. When I met Niko (my boss) and we started to build my site, we made the choice to NOT make my site another cheerleader site and instead to make it a gymnast site. I love doing gymnastics and with the way things have worked out for me with cheer I wish I had stuck with gymnastics instead as it was, and is my true passion.

Is your real name Cory Heart, or is that a stage name?

No but I love it!!!!!! For obvious reasons we use a “stage name” to protect me and my family.

Can you tell us a fun story from your gymnastics career?
Oh I have tons! But the best one was luckily caught on tape. We wanted to shoot some actual gymnastics routines for my site in a REAL gym so we bribed someone at my schools gym to let us in from 6-9am to film. We hide all the school banners and signs and stuff and then just set me loose doing floor routines and working the bars, the horse, the works! Doing this for 2+ hours because everything we did we did with an outfit on and then went through it all with nothing on. By the end of the morning I was so whipped out from all the stuff I had been doing. I got on the running trampoline used to practice your floor routine and just started flipping and doing all kinds of fun stuff. Then took off my clothes and started doing it all naked (way more fun naked btw). All of a sudden I started a backwards flipping sequence and Oooooops I ran out of room and CRASH!

Here is the actual clip and if you look close you will see this was ALMOST not very funny. I missed those bars by inches yikes!

What is one of the most interesting gymnastics moves that you can perform?

Well the splits of course! *wink*

Was it a big transition for you to go from gymnastics to adult modeling?

Well I would like to say that I was, but I was a natural show off. I have always been a very h0rny girl and this has all come a but to easy for me! I would like to tell you I was shy or embarrassed the first time I got naked for the camera, but I would not be telling the truth. I loved it!

Is modeling a full time job for you, or do you keep a day job as well?

My “day job” is school. The money from the site is the only income I have right now while I go to college.

What will and what won't you do on your website?

Well for my site I have only done nude modeling and some m@sturbation. I made a bad choice when I was young and went to LA looking for work. While there I shot some hardcore, ok I actually shot a lot of hardcore content in a span of about 10 months. I came to my senses when school found out and kicked me off the cheer squad and revoked my scholarship.  I came back the Arizona and started working on my site. Point is we buy some of the content I shot in LA and use it on my site sometimes. But I do not do that kind of work anymore.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Working out, sex, reading, sex, working out, sex………………………

Do you see yourself continuing your education?

Heck yeah! I see myself finishing my degree in the next 2 years if all goes well.

Tell us what you think of

It looks really cool and I hope you guys do well with it! Here wait…Cory Heart says NINJAPIMP rawks!!!!!!!!!! 

Besides gymnastics, do you have any other special talents?

I am told that I am really funny! Maybe I should be a comedian?

I bet you are a bad-a$$ dancer.  Can you tear it up on the dance floor?

Ok now you have embarrassed me! LOL You would think with all the cheer and gymnastics I would be a bad-a$$ dancer…but I really am not. I mean I move ok and have rhythm but it isn’t something that just flows through me. I get on a dance floor and usually look like the really hot retarded girl who has had too much to drink!

If we are in the area, would you like to be in the AfroSquad movie in 2008?
Haha! I am sure that would be a blast!

Well, thanks for your time!  We'll get you on the list of extras.  KrazyMan will be excited!

AfroSquad Soul Review, Song Lyrics
Written by SnowMan
Performed by $nowMan and Krazyman


He'll drive my Lexus,
I'm straight out of Texas,
and the Simpson twins always want to sex us

I’m a straight edged pimp with a home in the D’
and Cali and Cherish want to ride with me! 

Enlightened like Ghandi,
And I’m cool like Fonzie
Rollin’ Lake St. Clair in my 40 foot Danzi

I got all wheel drive so my tires don’t squeal,
And like Monty Hall, I always make that deal!

With Corina Curves and her giant bust,
We all hang out, but don't smoke no dust.
I met la gordita at Taco Bell,
and Public Dick has a funky smell! 

Oasis Interview:

Click Here




Dewey Defeats Truman?
by KrazyMan


The Man is probably best known as the Republican candidate in the 2005 Pimp of the Year Awards in which, due to miscalculations by pollsters and the press, he was projected as the winner. The Chicago Daily Tribune had even gone so far as to print "THE MAN DEFEATS AFROSQUAD" as its post-election headline, though the election was actually won by $NOWMAN, the incumbent. The pollsters, like all major U.S. pollsters, showed that "The Man" would win in a landslide.








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