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Taylor Twins Exclusive Interview
Missy and Mandee Taylor

Hello Mandee and Missy.  How are you two doing today? 

Missy:  I'm doing great!
Mandee:  Fine.

Can you tell the fans what you are wearing right now?

Missy A t-shirt and tiny boy shorts, I just woke up.
Mandee:  A jean mini skirt, black tank top and a black Element hoodie with pink letters on the front.

And how old are you? 

Missy Just turned 20 on July 31st! :)  Happy belated birthday to us!

So you have your own website, but didn't you just graduate high school?

Missy Well, we graduated a couple years ago actually, but yes Mandee and I do have our own website!  I'm very excited about it!

Is it weird going from high school to being internet models? 

Missy Well, actually I had a job before being an internet model...Hooters waitress :)  So I kind of had some time to get used to being looked at as a sexual being. (Laughs).

Phil-Flash is in charge of your site.  Who is Phil Flash? 

Missy Hmm, this is a pretty deep question (Laughs).  I'm afraid I do not know the "inner" Phil yet, so far he's perverted and cruel to us models!  Just kidding.  He's actually very nice, and extremely fun to work with, although I am waiting for one of these shopping trips the other models talk about being so much fun!
Mandee:  He's Phil...he's pretty cool, if you like that kinda thing....Just kidding!  We came to work with him through Roxxie.

What do your future plans include?  What are your career plans?

Missy For the present future, I plan on doing more and more sets for the site, I can't wait for the holidays approaching.  Oooh, I have some good ideas!  Eventually though, lets get serious for a minute :)  I want to go back to school, and I'm seriously thinking about becoming a vet.  Then again, I am thinking about interior design also.  I know, two very different fields.  I'll have to pick one someday.
Mandee:  Not sure...I mean, tomorrow, I plan to wake up and probably do something with the day....I don't know about career plans...I like to think I have a little time to settle on that decision.

Are you fraternal twins?

Missy No, we are identical twins!  People are always assuming that we are not twins, or that we're fraternal because we don't look exactly alike to a T anymore.  Identical twins are two babies that are from one egg splitting in half.  All our DNA is the same.  However, lifestyle and such can change your height, weight, hair etc.  If we had our hair exactly alike, I bet nobody could tell us apart. (aside from the tattoos, little freckles etc.)
Mandee: You can't tell us apart, but right now I think anyone could tell us apart, then again, people still get confused....people today at work were confused as to who I was...they thought I was missy and that I myself wasn't there then I was like "No- I'm me" and they're like "Oh, well where's Missy?"  I'm like, "uhh she's not here tonight."...haha. 

No wonder people get confused.  Ok, now to high school.  Did y'all party a lot in high school?  Got any good party secrets about each other?

Missy Oooh yes I partied a LOT throughout high school.  I used to be into clubs and raves, I was a bad bad girl back then, party wise I mean.  Nowadays I'm more bad, um, privately?  I'm actually kind of over it by now to be honest with you.  I occasionally party nowadays, but I'm more into spending time with my dogs, relaxing with good friends, being online, cooking for sure!
Mandee:  Ehh... You know everyone's done some partying here or there etc etc...but I'm not a partier at all now...I might drink maybe like, four times a year if that...it makes me feel like crap

Can you tell us a little about your website?  (www.taylortwins.com)

Missy It's me and Mandee, identical twin sisters in hot hot poses! You may not believe your eyes! It definitely borders on some of the sister/sister morals.  Some of it of course is torture from Phil.
Mandee:  Well, It's an NN site...with twins...the only one with twins actually...So that's pretty cool that we're the first ones. :)  2 picture updates a  week, journal updates at least once a week and video updates....pretty cool.  I think NN is better than nude because it leaves some mystery which is way hotter than just getting what you want. :) 

Is this a PG-13 site?  If not, what rating would you give it?

Missy:  Definitely not!  I've actually had people complain to me that they didn't see the 18+ on the start of our website...and they didn't know how explicit it was. etc.  I'd say it's definitely rated R.  Maybe even X, but not XXX because it's not THAT hardcore.
Mandee:  I'd say no...at least rated R..we're over 18 so everyone looking at us half naked should be too.

Have you ever considered working with the Potter Twins or Cali Marie and Cherish

Missy I can hook you all up for a sisters pillow fight or something.  I just saw the potter twins on your ninjapimp.com site, they are HOT!  and the cherish twins, well they are pretttty hardcore, but a pillow fight wouldn't be so bad ;) 
Mandee:  Haven't considered it.....aren't they in p0rn?  We're not in p0rn....we're more like sexy "mature content," I'd say. 

Yeah, I guess they are a little more "adult."  A pillow fight between two sets of twins would still be awesome  If not the pillow fight, then what other projects are you working on?  What are your hobbies?

Missy Currently we are just focusing on our website since it just started, project wise.  My hobbies:  Cooking, taking my dogs to the dog park, sewing, occasionally going out dancing, definitely taking pictures!  My camera comes almost everywhere with me :)
Mandee:  Hhmm...I dunno about all that...but my hobbies well, I guess I could have a number of "hobbies" ranging from drawing to sewing....doing makeup, I dunno...anything creative.

Have you ever checked out Afro-Squad.com?  What do you think of the site?

Missy:  It's an awesome site!  You gotta love a site with pics of hot girls, and interviews!
Fcuk, I love it.  It really turns me on.  It is the greatest site ever.  I actually once slept with KrazyMan.  He is great in bed.  It is that gigantic wiener!

I liked Mandee's answer better.   On another topic:  Do you have anything else to say to your fans?

Missy: I'm having so much fun with our website, I can't wait to add more sexy/fun photos to it!  Thank you so very much to everyone who likes our stuff and has such sweet things to say :) 
Mandee:  Thanks to everyone who loves/supports our site and I'd like to let you all know that we really do appreciate it and you're awesome! 


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